Thursday, January 29, 2009

Are my eyes burning because it stinks?
For the past two days, my office has reeked. It finally faded today but yesterday my eyes were burning all day. Was it because of the aroma?

weather: We've had winter, spring and then winter again today; in 36 hours. If it had gotten just a couple degrees warmer, I would say that we'd had summer too. Tuesday was cold and drizzly. Yesterday was warm (60sF) and very wet. Today started at freezing.

clothes: By the way, just as a tip, don't wear an ankle-length or longer skirt when it's raining. I dragged the hem of my skirt through a puddle on my way home. I could not juggle my umbrella, my bag and my skirt all at the same time. It would not have been so very bad if the wet hem had not dragged over my socks and gotten those damp, too.

reading: I've made it through Nov 07 Shojo Beat, but I can't find the next two issues. I have them, somewhere. I put them up, somewhere. I just have to figure out where. Other than that, I've been re-reading. A lot. It's that whole saving money thing.

tatting: I don't want to talk about my tatting. It is not going well. I have only two weeks left before it needs to be finished. If I had a pattern, I could do it. However, I am unable to go from a dead stop to full speed ahead in that time.


Terra57 said...

Hi Sewicked,
You have won a book by Lynsay Sands over at Yankee Romance Reviewers. Could you please send me your snail mail info. Please check my blog for my email addy. Thanks and congrats.

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