Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Weatherman was right; how unexpected
It snowed last night & it's still snowing. It's even accumulating.

I saw one car upended in a ditch (rear bumper in the ditch, front wheels in the air) but my bus was only a little late. However, that did not last as the police blocked one stretch of road, both ways, on my route to work. It was almost half an hour before they managed to turn the bus around and detoured it around the blockade, to take another route into work. Now I'm at work and I'm hoping that I'm able to get home again.

Everyone is full of tales of 'not coming to work', 'delays to work', etc. One guy was flying in and said that he spent 2 hours flying over NC & VA, just kind of circling.

Poor Chris got to work; stayed about an hour and then headed home again. He said that when he got back, you could not tell where his car had been parked overnight. It had snowed over.

I'm going to leave early; the only question is when. Since I rode the bus, my options are 2:40 & 3:30. Nothing sooner and I sure don't plan to take anything later.

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