Monday, January 19, 2009

Your Mother Always Thinks that You're 12
I have a holiday today. I plan to get a few odds and ends done; maybe go by Circuit City & see if any CDs or electronics are still there.

Came back last night from seeing my mom this weekend. Since the weather was possibly uncertain, I called my mom Friday night to check to see if we were still on for our visit. Okay, so they were only calling for maybe rain and flurries but it's been 9 years since the last time the weather guys drastically underestimated things and it was 7 years before that (1993 blizzard and 2000, year of 20" snow). It's due. And considering the cold I wasn't certain if she'd be home.

I called her Friday night & Saturday, but didn't leave to see her until she called me back; just to be certain. Turns out, she hadn't listened to her messages. Silly Mother. Anyway, the first thing that she said to me (after hello, honey, etc) "when did you last comb your hair?" I managed to not roll my eyes and replied, "Just before I left home." Which is true, but the ear muffs, etc had pulled hair out of my braid, so my hair looked a little disarrayed. Once a mother, always a mother.

Anyway, we did some straightening (helping mom pack stuff to give away) and watched Twelfth Night. It's a good play; but I wished that they'd use blue filter because the night scenes were incredibly hard to see. It's also a very confusing play; I had to explain to mom what was going on.

Last night was belated birthday for David M & Diana. We took them out to eat to Kanki's. The food was good but the pair of girls that with whome we shared the table... OMG, can you believe what he said, what she did,..and just on and on. I was right next to them & I missed most of the conversation s with my friends because these two girl just drowned them out. I think that they were in high school, I certainly hope that no one over twenty acts like that. I hope that I didn't act like that when I was their age. Oh gods, I'm old. *whimper*

Poor Chris is sick today. I mean miserable sick. So we're watching Kung Fu Hustle. It's a very funny movie, but I should warn you; there's a little violence in it. Saturday we watched Kung Fu Panda. A movie that was funnier than I expected.

reading: I also finished the 3rd and 4th Jasper Fforde Thursday Next novels. I wonder if there's a fifth one? I also need to find the 2nd Nursery Crimes book.

Gaming: Ideal game table

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