Saturday, January 03, 2009

It's quarter to ten and I'm at the Jarrett house near Plyler. No idea where Plyler is? What about New London? Still don't know. Try Albemarle; not the county & not the sound, the town. It's funny. James moved closer, geographically, but it takes longer to get to his house.

Chris & I arrived after 11 pm. He had to work and we ate supper before we left. Our journey was slowed by heavy fog in places, until we got to the river. Keith was already here, and we stayed up talking until after 1 am. Needless to say, we all slept a little late this morning. It's still foggy, by the way.

My big excitement on New Year's Eve was watching Pajama Party & Guns of Navarone. Until 11 pm, when we went to bed, too sleepy to stay up farther.

New Year's Day, we played Living Forgotten Realms. We started a little late because of a miscommunication about where we were playing. We still finished both games by 8 pm. My Tracks character is now 2nd level. She's the 4'1" drow rogue. The entire House Tracks is a family of very short drow. Really. They'll tell you that they're drow.

My namesake really is cute. Not that I'm biased or anything.

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