Friday, January 16, 2009

What a way to start the Day
I woke up, got up and promptly broke my glasses this morning. It wasn't a huge OMG moment. It was more of an 'oh crap' moment. I was running late and ended up wearing a jacket instead of my 'OMG it's cold' coat. At least I'm wearing layers. Only my head is covered only one layer deep.

However, breaking my glasses, or at least the nylon string that held the left lens in place, did mean a trip to get them fixed. It took longer to get there (20 minutes) than it did to get them fixed (5 minutes).

As anyone on North America can attest, it's frigging cold today. Around here it started in the teens F. It's gotten all the way into the mid-20's now. That's still too darn cold.

Do you ever watch Hogan's Heroes? That tv series was originally planned as a prison comedy but it made more sense when put in a POW camp. Have you ever read about the actors who were in it? Most people know about Werner Klemperer's story; his father was a famous composer and they were German Jews who fled the Hitler regime. John Banner, who played Sarge Schultz was an Austrian Jew who happened to be in Switzerland on a tour. During the war, he acted in Hollywood, ironically often playing Nazis. Robert Cleary was a French survivor of the Holocaust. Take a look sometime. It's very interesting.

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