Thursday, January 08, 2009

I was almost blown away yesterday, and I don't mean in a good way. Wind gusts up to 63mph in this area. Plus scatterings of rain, which made the walk home last night interesting. I was once again wearing not-quite-suitable shoes and the rain was enough that I took off my glasses and then often had to close my eyes to protect them from the stinging rain. Thank goodness Mom bought me that flashing safety light. The earphones on my iPod protected my ears and a scarf protected my neck. By the time I got home, I was damp and half my face felt frozen. At least the temps were below freezing. Of course, if they had been, I would have been dressed differently. With more scarf for one thing.

Tatting: I finished the body of the dragon and now it's time to start the wings. I didn't feel like pulling up the PDF to do them so I started another dragon in burgundy.

Nod to politics: NC has its first female governor. Or will, as of Saturday.

Gaming: Wukon's venue has been changed. The hotel changed hands and the new management have the option of honoring the contracts; assuming that they didn't get lost in the changeover. Something similar happened to two other cons that I know of in the past 7 years. One had to renegotiate the contract as the new management knew nothing about it and the other had to change hotels when the new management decided not to honor the contract.

However, the organizer was not able to find a new hotel when he found out last week that he no longer had a valid contract. So we'll be gaming at Denny's. At least there's no worries about getting food.

BTW, strawberry cider is good if very sweet. I wonder how it would work in cooking. Not that I have enough left to cook.

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