Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The con went pretty well. Sunday morning there was a church group/meeting two banquet rooms away. We were cautioned to be on our best behavior, or at least to watch our language. The addition of their noise was a bit much. If their room was the same size, and it probably was, then why did they need a microphone and amplifiers? The opening music was very nice. The preacher's voice was good. However, the soloist who followed was a little, um, flat. I mean, painfully flat.

We came home Monday and alas, I was not able to sleep at all on the way. I went to bed at 8 pm though. Did not really help, I was still tired this morning. And of course, work had piled up.

I finally read 1635: Cannon Law. I've had it for awhile but since it's so thick, I delayed starting it until I knew that I could devote some time to it.

I caught the movie School of Rock, or most of it. It was a decent movie. Not a great movie; but a decent one.

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