Friday, January 30, 2009

It doesn't feel like the mid-40sF
I checked the weather before I headed out to catch the bus. It said 46F, so I was not careful about slinging on my scarf...until I got out the door. Ouch, it feels very cold. I had missed the bus (if I had known for certain that I was going to, I could have waited indoors for the next one) so I got pretty cold by the time that the next one arrived. Even the heat of my laptop was not enough to keep me warm.

Tatting: since I have decided to sew the flag, I will need to either find or buy the appropriate fabrics. However, I still plan to tat the wreath. I know that I have yellow gold thread, I just need to find it. Until then, I will use the plain ecru thread to plan it.

I could show pictures of what I'd done but it's very boring. It's plain ecru thread, just rings. It does not amount to anything. Although it is an idea for a simple bag. It would just be loads of tatting.

My office is still on the warm side, mid-70'sF, but at least the humidity is down and the stink is gone. It does make it difficult to clothe myself. Do I dress for the weather, or for my office? Layers help but there's a limit.

And my neighbor's tree has bloomed again. Or still. I'm not entirely certain which. It smells a bit like bananas, oddly enough.

Gaming: It turns out that I had partially updated Idril (my eladrin wizard) already. I just needed to choose her 2nd level spell and check her defenses, skills, and feat.b

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