Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Warning: Snow pictures ahead (& 1 pair of slippers)
Pictures from yesterday's snow (on the way to & from work). I did not realize until I downloaded the pictures, but the camera's clock hasn't been reset for Standard Time.

A neighbor's tree

Yep, those are my footprints.

I should know what these bushes are, but honestly. I have no idea.

There's an old, small graveyard near where I live. Poor thing is a little neglected but very picturesque.

Oddly, the sidewalk was almost completely clear.

This last one is at the end of the day; about 4:30 or so. After having a little chance to melt (it did stop snowing after all), here's some snow on holly.

And finally, the slippers my SO called, with some truth, uglier than deep-fried sin:


tattrldy said...

The snow pictures look great - maybe because we've had pretty weather here for the last several days. They say it's going to change starting today. The slippers - the question is, do they keep your feet warm? (And don't look down)

Sewicked said...

This is the first real snow that we've had in a couple years. We had a measly half-inch last year but I don't count that; even if it did tie up traffic one town over (8 hours, sitting in one's car).

Yes, they do. But I really look like I'm trying for flamingo feet (the heels are black, too).

Tia said...

I have a brown paisley coat to go with your slippers.... ;)