Saturday, January 10, 2009

By playing in two low-games on Friday, my primary character (Lannashika "Lani" the feylock) is finally 4th level. That means that I could play the higher level tables today and tomorrow.

I ended up signing up to run Black Knights of Arabel tomorrow morning. I haven't played it yet but if I run, then there'll be two tables and everyone else can play. I've had fun this weekend and having the games in a Denny's has made it easy to keep fed.

We have spread word of the Tracks clan throughout the con. It has amused several people. That is after all, the point.

At the last table tonight, poor Jay has the coldest dice. He rolled like 8 misses in row, that I kept track of anyway. That does make the fight go a little faster.

I haven't gotten any tatting really done. I've been keeping notes so my hands have not been free to tat.

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Sophia Rowan said...

I'm contacting you because several months ago you volunteered to make the flag of Eritrea for the 1989 Countries Peace Project. The preliminary deadlines are past, and the show is fast approaching, and your flag has not been received. Please contact me ASAP. If you are still participating, I need to know when you can send your flag, and if not, I need to know so that some one else can take your place.


P.S. You can also contact me on as SophiaRowan.