Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Christmas Card Exchange: I've started addressing the envelopes & learned that I'm short a couple cards. I think that I will find some local color Christmas cards to send to the 2 ladies overseas (Spain & Pakistan). That means that I will have to re-address those envelopes, but that's no big deal.

Gaming, Living Greyhawk: Looking over my characters, preparing for the con this weekend, I realized that my 1st level character is actually 2nd level. She has the experience, I just hadn't made the changes. So I've started creating a new one. This will be my 2nd out of region character. My first one is a Bright Sands, so I'm not certain she counts.

My characters: Nadia Xianalannae, a high-level half-elf bard with a level of ranger, a knight
Reed of the CatTails, elf, almost as high a level cleric, with a couple levels of ranger & a level of sorcerer
Edana Tiernan, halfing Rogue & ranger, mounted scout-type, mid-level
Isolde (no last name), human sorceress with her raven, Tristan, low to mid-level
Kayla Swordspinner, human desert barbarian, low level
Brenna (can't remember last name), human fighter, cavalry

New one: no name yet, half-elf druid from Geoff. She'll be an arcane hieraphant, at about 8th level.

I may not need that 1st level character but for one slot there are only 3 people signed up. It requires 4 players to make an LG 'legal' table. Therefore, if we don't play that game, we'll go play the intro (1st level characters only) adventure. That's why I'm making up a new character.

Currently, I have characters that can play every APL. Except that Edana (APL 10 & 8) is out of non-military time units. She's in the Gran March army so that limits how many core mods & other 'vacation' adventures that she can play. It's a trade off. She also doesn't have to pay lifestyle cost.

What religion is your favorite comic book character? Do you know? Do you care? Someone has gone to a lot of trouble to examine what religion several comic characters are, both heroes, supporting cast & minor characters. Everything from agnostic to Catholic to Yoruban to Zenn-la is listed. Most are real-world religions, some are not; as to be expected by fictional characters with otherworldly origins.

Holiday shopping: Wondering what to get that hard-to-buy-for zombie in your life? Why not some brains?

Art fun: Drag your mouse to get a Jackson Pollock-esque piece. Click your mouse to change colors.

Music: It's been a day for random webpages, huh. This one is for a bluegrass band. I haven't had a chance to listen to the clips that they've posted, but I love the name; Black Swamp Bootleggers. Coincidentally, there's also a brewing supply store in Ohio by the same name.

Do you drink coffee? Do you like to be environmentally conservative? Then try bird-friendly coffee. Find store near you that carries it.

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