Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Still tired. Maybe still sick.

News: my high school burned down today. When I say burned, I don't mean 'keep it closed for a couple days/weeks/months'. I mean, 'don't send in the firefighters, it's too dangerous because a wall just fell down' burnt. It gives me mixed feelings. I would not repeat high school for love nor money. But still, I have 4 years of memories tied up in that place.

I'm still working on that stupid Org chart at work. Oh yay. It's the 3rd format in as many years. I can't even get into the previous format, they lost the access/product code.

Tatting: I finished 4 snowflakes over the weekend. I started another one yesterday & screwed up on the 4th chain. I just have to undo the lockjoin to retro-tat 2 knots. Blech.

Monday: MepaCon t-shirt (red with black ~bird logo), blue jeans, white tennis shoes & socks & Celtic jewelry. French braided hair w/ Celtic knot on elastic.
Tuesday: Harrison steading polo, black pants, loafers & knee-highs. Celtic knot earrings, ring & pendant; rope band & black stone ring.
Wednesday: purple Geoff polo, black pants, knees, sequined flats, grey/black/crystal bead bracelets, rope band, black stone ring, double hash mark band, onyx earrings & French braid again.

More stuff: I checked my email Tuesday and there were >50 PAGES of emails (25 emails per page). A couple pages were spam (there were 278+ messages in my spam folder) but most of the rest was one of my lists...very active that one.

Gertrude Hawks: a lovely chocolate shop in PA. We stopped in Monday before checking out of the hotel. I bought some chocolate-covered pretzels for my co-workers & a peppermint patty for my student. If it hadn't been for the miniatures room, we would have kept to our timetable. It is usually closed on Mondays but the nice man let us in to see it. It is massively impressive; he's spent 50 years on it & it shows! He even turned the lights down & up so we could see night views & days views & take pictures. As it was, we spent so much time looking at it we were almost late checking out.

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