Friday, November 10, 2006

MACE: I finished packing my suitcase & my box of PC notebooks & game books last night. This morning I packed my messenger bag. The suitcase & box went into the car last night. I brought the bag with me to work.

clothes: brown-overdyed acid-washed black "Vorkosigan" polo, black slacks, knee-highs, black loafers (that I've noticed may be falling apart), Celtic knot earrings, ring & Star/moon necklace; plus dragon band, flower band & ~rope band. My hair is up in a knot with a ponytail hanging from it. It's fixed in place with a black chopstick with small gold & cream MoP inlay lozenges.

Books: the book that I finished was Santa, Baby, and while I haven't avoided Jennifer Crusie, after reading her story, I think I'll pick up a couple more of her books. She's very funny.

Tatting: I found the snowflakes that I made while at Mepacon. So I have about 10 or 12 made. I finished the size 80 one with beads. My next one will be from the snowflake book.

Oh, I finally loaded pictures of the jewelry set that I made onto photobucket. Gradually, I'll post links to other tatting that I've done.

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