Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving Mom & I had a great visit. She helped me fix a few clothes and she loved the sunflower scarf that I found for her. I also found a couple Simmons exercise videos for her, ones that she doesn't have already. She plays them while she does housework.

Book: I read Candle in the Window by Christina Dodd. It's a medieval set romance. I know a little about the era, King Stephen vs. Queen Maud thanks to reading Brother Cadfael mysteries. It's a good story. I really enjoyed it. Of course, I usually enjoy Dodd's books.

tatting: I pulled out a spool of silver decorative thread, by Sulky. Thanks to some advice that I read by Susan BT, I managed to tat a small snowflake, instead of throwing the spool & shuttle across the room in frustration. I also finished another small, white snowflake with clear beads. I started a larger snowflake. I finished the 1st round but I haven't started the second round.

Movie: While Chris was at his parents' for Thanksgiving, I watched all three Topper movies; well, I went to bed soon after the 3rd one started. Something about getting some sleep.

Gaming: Two Living Greyhawk mods today. We start at noon, so I had to vacuum, or at least run the vacuum over the floor before then. First, though, I had to clean the filter. It still needs cleaning, I just barely got a layer off.

Nightmares: I had two last night. I don't remember the 1st one, but I woke up to take a migraine pill at about quarter to 6. The second one involved the Charmed Ones, the first set with Prue. It involved a demon who had them trapped in a house. Somehow, no matter how long they were there, no one could tell, some kind of time stop? I was fighting him, but no matter what I did, it was unsuccessful. Finally, I resorted to distractive measures, thinking that if I kept his attention, the Charmed Ones could somehow get free. My last memory, before waking, I was ratting his long, brown hair.

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