Friday, November 03, 2006

Election Day is right around the corner. I'm looking at the candidates. I'm signing petitions

I've already found one that I'd like to be voting against. Vernon Robinson was one
of the first ads of the season that I noticed. It was one of the most virulently
racist ads I have ever seen. I'm just sorry that I'm in a different congressional
district; he's running in 13th & I live in the 4th. David Price is one of the
politicians in my district. My other representatives are, well, I don't think I've
heard of half of them. Isn't that just shameful. But Representative Henry M.
Michaux, Jr. certainly looks distinguished.

Tatting: I've finished another flake. It's the same one, from Lyn Morton's book,
but with clear beads instead of picots. It looks very good that way. Instead of
doing another one, I started a 4ring/chain motif, with beads. That one has 2
beads on each ring & 3 on each chain. I have one chain left to do & it's done, too.

Clothes: it's a lot colder today, so I pulled out a turtleneck, black. My pants,
tassled loafers, knee highs & hair elastic are also black. However, I'm wearing
my reversible print vest. That's black, brown & tan with Chinese coin button/frogs.
I decided to wear my yellow amber today but couldn't find my pendant. So, in
addition to the amber drops and the amber poison ring, I put the 14-cabochon amber
bracelet on a chain & am wearing it as a necklace. The cabs vary in color; green,
brown, gold & orange. It looks really good & goes fantastic with this vest. My hair
is French braided, again. I didn't feel like fussing with it this morning.

Books: I finished Damsel. Now I have to decide what to read next. Do I re-read
something or hit my to-be-read pile.

News: I've read some of the blog & forum entries about the fire. I posted one of
my own on the Greensboro News & Record site.

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