Thursday, November 02, 2006

High school burned I cried about it today. To a certain extent, I'm not sure why. It's been 20 years. Okay, so it was a main component of my life for 4 years and I have a lot of memories. Still, while I was never tormented, at least not to the extent of actuall bullying, those were not my 'glory days.' For 2 of those years I had glasses & braces. I was not one of the popular or 'in' kids. I was too weird & too different for that to happen. I wasn't a complete outcast either; I'm too nice & friendly (it sounds egotistical but it's true, mostly) for that to happen.

work: I finally finished the org chart, complete with temporaries, students & vacant positions. Whee. That's done for at least a week.

Tatting I gave up and continued the snowflake/wreath from Lyn Morton's 6th book of Easy Tatting. You can barely tell that I made a mistake.

Books: I've finished the 6th Grantville Gazette, with the usual caveat about the fact articles. I've also read most of Sinful, a romance anthology. I had read one of the stories before & I haven't finished one of them (thus the mostly read). I re-read Mystique by Amanda Quick. Right now, I'm re-reading Damsel in this Dress by Marianne Stillings.

Clothes: black slack, black polo, black knee highs, black sequined flats, black stone ring, Celtic knot ring, dragon band, Celtic knot posts (found the earring back, yay!), & andromorph pendant on long silver chain. Once again, I've French braided my hair, using the metal Celtic knot on black elastic to hold it.

Gaming: I completely forgot that tonight is Mutants & Masterminds. Luckily, Diana is giving me a ride so I can stop by home to pick up my books & stuff.

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