Wednesday, November 29, 2006

That Time Again: Times like this, I really consider getting that one pill, that you only spot every three months. Because I'm cramping & I only had 1 ibuprofen in my store of painkillers at work.

Don't Forget! Go by the Breast Cancer site to click to help fund a mammogram for a woman in need. And while you're there, click on the other charities , too.

Pain: My shoulder, where it meets my neck, cramped on Friday as I was stretching to get something off the floor. Then I didn't have any further problems until yesterday. It hurt to raise my hand enough to sweep my hair off my shoulder, forget actually doing anything with my hair. I massaged it & stood under the hot spray this morning & it doesn't hurt as much today. I managed to shampoo & braid my hair.

Gaming: I finally decided on a name for my most recent LG character; Zyvan merch Siofra. At least I think that's it. Well, it's written down on her character sheet, that's where it counts.

Packing: I'm doing that tonight. So I have to finish any character updates, pack the box with my game books & character notebooks, pack my other game supplies (paper for notes, pen, paper, miniature figure, dice, canvas tote, napkins & LG cards), finish my laundry & pack my clothes. To properly pack, I also need to check the weather. It would suck to pack all t-shirts & then suffer when the temperature drops down to freezing.

Shopping! Thanks to Jane Eborall, I've found a new place to shop (auction) on-line. It's all handmade goods, so even if I buy in March for a Christmas present, the receiver isn't likely to have it already by the time the gift arrives.

clothes: yesterday it was black, v-necked knit shirt (w/ 3/4 sleeves), black sacks, trouser socks & loafers. My jewelry was all silver & black onyx. My hair was loose because I lost the elastic (probably when I pulled my braid out of my jacket) & my shoulder hurt too much to re-braid it.

Today I'm wearing the forest green Geoff polo, yet another pair of black slacks, black trouser socks & black loafers. I'm wearing the emerald & gold jewelry set that Chris gave me. He knows that I prefer silver but he really wanted to buy me an emerald (one of my birthstones) but could not find any in a silver setting.

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