Thursday, November 30, 2006

Packing all done. Though I had to wait until my laundry finished. I packed my tatting this morning, as well as my laptop. Despite the warm weather, I also took my heavy jacket. There's a good chance that I'll need it this weekend (I'll be 2 states north & despite the current temperature, it is December - odds are good that the weather will revert to seasonal soon).

Christmas card exchange: I have most of the envelopes address & have put return address labels on them. Now I need to put stamps on the envelopes, write short note on the card & sign. I also need to get cards for the 2 overseas ladies. There are 3 out of country ladies but the 3rd one is Canadian, so I don't think that I need special postage for hers. I don't think. note: stop by post office & ask.

Addendum: I'm short one card. I have the envelope, but no card. Guess that will be three people for whom I need to buy cards.

clothes: tough choice today, it has to go from work to con. So I'm wearing black (what else) jeans, Vorkosigan polo, loafers & knee-highs. I half-braided my hair & might put it up later. I brought hair sticks just for that reason.

Books: I finished Shakespeare Christmas, although technically it's not. It takes place in Bartley. I also read Making Minty Malone. It reads like chick lit but it has a romance novel happy ending. I liked it. The supporting characters are just that, characters. Now I'm reading a Harlequin Blaze (the line they started when they realized they needed to add sex to their books) anthology, Secret Santa. All three stories are really short but so far pretty good. It was really nice of Jennifer LaBrecque to dedicate her story to romance readers, who keep the genre alive.

Gaming: I finally decided to get the Spell Focus: Conjuration feat for Zavin (my latest character). It's useless at this point but will come in handy later, for her bard spells. It's also the pre-req for getting augment summoning, which is a feat that rocks.

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