Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Day before Thanksgiving and boy, it was slow at work. My boss called me at 2:30 to say that he hadn't been able to reach anyone in finance. I tried to change my message; you know, the 'we're closed for the holidays' sort of thing. But I couldn't get into that part of the voice mail system. It was quite vexing.

Mail: I did manage to mail the letters to my Aunt Vivian, Aunt Jeri & Aunt Carole as I left work. They'll hit the post office tonight.

After work, I got off at the shopping center & walked across the street to the drugstore. I printed out the pictures for Aunt Dot & some of the same for Aunt Shirley. The pictures are of my dress, the Colonial outfit that Aunt Dot helped me make. It was a nice little walk. Getting the pictures took longer than I expected because there was someone ahead of me. After getting the pictures, I went to the Chinese place to get Mom's lunch for tomorrow. In all, it took longer than I wanted it & I missed both buses that I had planned upon. So I walked home. It's about a mile and took less time & less effort that I expected. I admit that the bags were a bit of a nuisance sometimes.

Books: I read The Rats, The Bats & The Ugly by Flint & Freer. I quite enjoyed it. It's a good sequel to Rats, Bats & Vats.

I ran into Robin on the bus and told her about Rats, Bats & Vats, by Eric Flint & David Freer & about Baen's library. She told me about her boss always bringing in food. In the past year, Robin has gained 30 pounds. Plus, thanks to the store she & her husband own, they're never home to cook. They've found a plan to try & lose weight. It involves cooking healthy. Sounds like a good one.

Tatting: I finished another snowflake. I still haven't counted how many I've made. Someone at the bus stop recognized what I was doing. I was so pleased.

PDA I finally have batteries! Yay! I put them in yesterday, but the batteries immediately died. So I've had them in the charger. They finally, finally were enough. They weren't completely charged but there's another pair still charging.

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