Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Still Sick but getting better. I no longer have to sleep reclining, I can now lie down. But I still cough & hack. And now my mouth is raw from all the lozenges.

Neat! I came across the life & work of a very interesting woman; Frances Benjamin Johston. She was a professional photographer, circa 1889-1930+. She was widely reknowned, even when she turned to strictly architectural & garden photography in her later years. Luckily, she donated much of her work to the Library of Congress before her death. She took pictures of young & old, rich & poor, unknowns & famous. Many of her pictures can be cropped for multiply 'mini-pictures.' One photo, of school children boarding a trolley, can be seen as one entire photo, or as multiple portraits, framed by the trolley's windows.

Thanksgiving: Talked to mom last night. Instead of me driving to see her, she's coming to see me. So I'm 'preparing' the second most popular Thanksgiving meal: Chinese food.

Tatting: Making more of the small snowflakes from Vida's book; often using beads. I need to count how many I've made so far.

Clothes: yesterday & today; black jeans & loafers, braided hair, Celtic jewelry & an additional silver band. Yesterday I wore a black polo & today a multi-colored plaid blouse from Alexander Julian. Not from a recent line; but pretty & long-sleeved. It's quite cold & windy today. I wore socks & tennis shoes to work; changing when I got here.

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