Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Most of the people for whom I voted were elected. Apparently my choices were popular this year.

Steps updated: to no one's surprise, the steps were not done yesterday. I looked this morning & the person working on the slab will have some clean up to do. Leaves have fallen onto the wet cement, probably imprinting it, plus there are signs of water impacts. It's still drizzling, so I doubt that they've made any progress today.

However, when I got home last night, I noticed that they had added an additional cone & hazard tape. How thoughtful. It would have been more useful Monday. But better late than never.

clothes: black loafers, socks, slacks & hair elastic. My polo is deep forest green (Geoff) and I'm wearing my green amber necklace, earrings & ring, plus the silver ~rope band.

books: re-reading Dark Legend by Christine Feehan.

something fun to listen to: Listened to Carry's 2 most recent podcasts. She's so funny. I need to go back & listen to the 30 or so earlier ones.

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