Friday, December 15, 2006

Biofuels: the button above goes to an ecologically-focussed ezine's special on biofuels. Grist often has a humorous slant on some very serious stories. I really recommend reading over this. Some of the information really surprised me.

Tatting: I corrected my problem with Ben's snowflake & I'm more than 1/2 done (3.5 points).

Knitting: I did a few more rows last night, in the car to the Mutants & Masterminds game. Speaking of knitting, I'm meeting Carry for lunch today.

Lunch: Carry & I managed to miss each other. So I grabbed something from the dining hall & went to the bookstore (25% off) until I had to go back to work.

Attack of the killer cow! As I was coming back to my office from an errand, I saw a young woman with a cow-spotted jacket. Since it's inordinately warm this afternoon, she had it tied around her waist. It wasn't until I was almost back into my building that I realized that I knew her. So I ran & leapt at Heather, crying "Look out, you're being attacked by a cow!" Her friends were much taken aback; so was she until she realized it was me.

clothes: black loafers, knee-highs, slacks, forest green Geoff polo, Celtic knot pendant (lost inside my collar), flower band ring, fem-power ring, silver bracelet & silver, brass & copper earrings (upside down textured teardrop~silvertone with a silvertone ball hanging from it, layered on top of that a textured brass quarter moon with a wire spiral hanging from it & on the top of that is a small copper elephant). I still have my hair French-braided.

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