Sunday, December 03, 2006

Friday December 1st
Ocean City, MD: We took our time getting up this morning & we ate in the restaurant, on the top floor. It was nice, but expensive. I have now tried scrapple. I don't particularly care for it.
After that, we found the post office (again) & I mailed the letters to the Spain & Pakistan. Once that was taken care of, we headed to the beach, public access was across the street from our hotel, which by the way is the only hotel in 20 miles of the con that accepts pets. But only in off-season.

Beach: We had a lovely, brisk 3-mile walk. OMG it's windy. The flags are all stiff and the tracks that we'd made coming one way were almost gone by the time we got back. I picked up a pocketful of shells. Unfortunately the wind & my braid conspired to give me a headache. Despite that, I really enjoyed it.

Confalon: The first game started at 2 pm. We made it in time. Our first game ended a little early, hey, we played APL 6 & most of us were 5th level but it was a gnome mod. Michelle, our gm, was lots of fun. We all enjoyed ourselves.

2nd round of the day: our table did not make. The 4th person never showed. So instead we played an intro mod, so that their table would make. Christian A(something non-Anglo) ran for us, despite being tired. Since everyone's 1st level it's pretty easy. He wrote the mod, too & he kept making jokes about what kind of idiot the author is/was. We finished pretty quickly & sat around talking, about really bad &/or scary mods we've played or run & about really stupid tech support calls.

Tourists! We went to the Bull on the Beach for supper. Maryland Crab soup is very good if a trifle spicy. The clam casino was very good, if a bit salty. I liked it & would gladly eat it again. Too bad I spilled some of the soup on my t-shirt (Trinic-con 2006). Luckily, I'd gotten a Geoff 'attack on Pregmire' t-shirt & I wore that the 2nd round.

I bought a polo shirt; Ocean City, MD Carousel souvenir type. The cashier is Russian & going to school here. We had a little convo about the difference between American & British.
As we were leaving the hotel parking lot we saw a fox run across the road & through the hotel parking lot. That was a trifle unexpected.

I was going to play midnight madness, special mission, but I'm just too bloody tired. I even took a short nap between the 1st & 2nd round. Doesn't matter. It's almost midnight & I've got to go get some sleep.

Tatting: Made another 3 or 4 of the small snowflakes & one different one from Vida's book. I added beads to the pattern as I made it. I gave that one to Eric & Amy Menge for Christmas. Eric still has the one that I gave them last year, in his dice bag. He says that it gives 'Arlene vibes' to the dice. Since they're his gm dice, that keeps players alive as they roll very badly.
Note: I need to get a picture of it for my portfolio.

Clothes: blue jeans, white tennies, Trinic-con 2006 tee/'attack on Pregmire' tee, silver tri-hoop earrings, lapis flower earring, lapis earrings (dangly), flower fairy pendant, flower band & circle band.

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