Monday, December 18, 2006

Long week Is there any longer week than the one preceding a major holiday? Physically, it's just 5 days; the same length as any other. But I know, at the end of it, I'm getting a 5-day 'weekend.' It makes it a trifle difficult to concentrate.

Add to that, today was the department holiday luncheon. The food was good (chicken wings, shrimp, jalapeno poppers [none for me, thanks - I value my taste buds], loaded/mashed potato skins, raw veggie platter, beef on a stick, cheese & melon. Dessert also included cookies & chocolate covered strawberries. The giveaway/department present this year was a four-pack of frappucinos. Since I'm not a big coffee drinker, I wasn't interested, until I learned that there was also strawberry & creme/non-coffee flavor. Yum.

The door prizes went well. We had about 30 things & about 90 people. So there was a fairly good distribution on who/section got what. The items ranged from a key chain to a $300+ bike (let's hear it for donations). I got a 2004 tire bowl UNC football t-shirt.

Presents: I delivered most of the Christmas presents to my co-workers. Most of them got the Carolina Stars made by one of the basket-makers at the Village of Yesteryear. A few others got origami cranes. I still need to find & mail the purple snowflake earrings that I made for Linda.

Mike has received his e-certificate. He was quite appreciative. I still haven't received anything that I ordered. I did mail Mitra's present, to her grad school address. I don't know if she's coming back to this coast for Christmas, but this way she has a max of 3-week delay.

Movies: We finally saw Santa Clause & Santa Clause 2 yesterday, plus Richie Rich movie. That's why (& because I was just tired) that I didn't get as much wrapping done yesterday. I did decorate the bags with the stars for my co-workers. I decorated them with Christmas stickers.

TattingI have a snowflake (3) exchange & a brooch (2) exchange to work on. I also need to make certain that I have a snowflake for Mark, Lisa, Hailey, Dad, Mom & Kathy. I'd also like one for Rita & Jeff (Chris's family). I have a doily for Chris's parents made.

I read Sleeping with the Fishes by MaryJanice Davidson. It's about a mermaid (well- 1/2) named Fred. It's really funny.

clothes: One end of the velvet riboon trimming my Christmas shirt has torn, so I couldn't wear that today. So I looked for something else festive. I pulled out the shirt that my mom gave me recently; black cotton gauze trimmed with silver embroidery & sequins. It's gorgeous. I paired it with black jeans & tennis shoes (hey, long walk from bus to work until Jan 8th). For jewelry it's Celtic knot earrings, 3 ages of women pendant, flower band, ~rope band & metal scrollwork hair stick. My hair is in a knotted ponytail with the stick to keep the knot from untying.

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