Friday, December 08, 2006

Saturday December 2nd
It's almost 7 am & I've showered & dressed. Oddly enough, although I had a bit of signal last night, this morning I've got nada. So my actual posting will have to wait.

Rosemary is back from walking Duncan. Since he insists upon grass for his business, they're having to go a littler farther, there isn't any near this hotel. There are trees & flowers, in planters, but no grass.

Oh, yesterday someone mentioned that she'd seen my blog. She has something active that alerts her anytime a blog mentions Living Greyhawk, so she saw my post about prepping for the con.

BTW, if you dream about going to the bathroom, you should get up & go.

Clothes: grey/blue jeans, grey 'against the giants' Geoff t-shirt. White tennis shoes & braided hair (too windy for anything else). Today, jewelry is Celtic; earrings, ring & star/tree pendant, plus fem-power ring & flat-rope band.

After midnight & we're back at the hotel. My two-round mod only took 4 hours, at least my table. In fact, we got done early enough that we played another mod. Chris & Rosemary had enough time to go walk on the beach while I played.

We went to a great seafood place, Higgins Wharf for supper & then back for the Battle Interactive. I played Nadia, my Bard 13/Ranger 1 (Beast of the Air Dispatcher) so she could get one of her two Geoff Region only purchases. She now has a helm of command with an impressive rack of antlers, that gives her +3 to charisma checks.

Let's see, towards the end, one character & the hobgoblin he'd been wrestling, had both been turned to stone. One character had died due to con damage from a dread wraith & was coming back in @ three rounds as another wraith. My character was insane, not permanently. Someone else was stable at -46 hp, for another 10 rounds or so. Yeah, it was kinda bad. But some people used favors & we got out okay. Although the really dead guy got reincarnated. Nadia thinks he's kinda cute (cha 18, she made her save).

Isolde levelled to 6th after the second round of the day's play. Which would have been fine, after all, I had planned ahead & figured out what changed. Except. Except I forgot to choose a feat. We talked about that at supper.

Good night. Off to bed. The internet signal is off & on. I finally managed to post yesterday's entry. Who knows when I'll get tonight's. It's taking forever to respond & I just don't have the patience.

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