Friday, December 08, 2006

Need a Snow Day?
I made some snowflakes online. It's addicting & helps others at the same time (Salvation Army). Wheee.

Updates: I have the blogs that I wrote over the weekend, I just need to upload them. The connection over the weekend was...odd.

Books: Read Viva Las Bad Boys yesterday & a couple ebooks that I bought Tuesday. They were 'quickies', less than 200 pages. I also finished a mystery, called Body Movers. The reviewer didn't particularly care for it, but I liked it. It's the sequel, sort of, to Party Crashers.

Clothes: Since the weather's turned cold, I've had to abandon the polo shirts. Tuesday it was a blue chambray shirt embroidered with Christmas themes across the chest & trimmed with black velveteen, paired with black slacks & sequined flats.

Yesterday it was pale blue chambray shirt, pale khakis (fixed over Thanksgiving), tan & blue brocade vest with my new dark brown loafers and white textured trouser socks. Blue & metal earrings, red stone ring & unseen (collar) dragon necklace.

Today it's black slacks (another pair fixed over Thanksgiving), burgundy blouse under matching crocheted burgundy sweater (open rosettes), and the charcoal grey boots that I have not been able to wear until now. I can't wear socks, just knee-hi's but my feet fit! Jewelry is black onyx & silver (shockeroo, huh?).

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