Thursday, December 21, 2006

The campus gets more & more deserted every day. I finally brought home my door prize from the department party (football t-).

Tatting Sue H gave me some advice on the rose ornament, so I'm on the last row of chains. Next is the round of ring & chain.

Books I started (re) reading Time Traders by Andre Norton on my Palm. I also have Med Ship by Murray Leinster. That's an older book (you can tell by the reference to space ships with fins). I finished The Wicked Games of a Gentleman by Jillian Hunter.

clothes black tennis shoes, black slacks, burgundy turtleneck (ironic since it's warmer today than it was yesterday), quilted printed bolero vest, clip watch (on a belt loop), braided hair, flower band, fem-power band, ~silver & black bead earrings, & quartz point carved with a feather pendant on long twisted silver chain. I'm also wearing the medium belt/ double-faced with silver buckle (yay).

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