Sunday, December 17, 2006

Found it! Found my mom's scarf. I put it somewhere very logical which why I couldn't find it until I settled down & really started searching. I'm still looking for a couple other Diana's. I put most of my presents in one place, that helps.

I really need to wrap things today. At the very least, I need to wrap the presents for my co-workers. I think what I'll do, to be more ecologically conscious, is Christmas stamps the bags that they are in. At least, if they're one per bag. If not...well, I'll handle that when I come to it. I wrapped Mitra's present, I just need to address & mail it tomorrow.

I'm also catching up putting links & tags on old blog entries. I'm up to October 2003.

Knitting: I did my first knitting frog stitch (rip it, rip it). I screwed up the brown scarf & had to take the whole thing out. So I restarted with the recycled silk yarn that Mitra gave me last year (it's too uneven to tat). It's not working up nearly as quickly but it looks very nice. If I was learning to knit with actual needles, I would not recommend it.

clothes; yesterday was orange Brown's fairy t-, jeans, tennis shoes & Celtic jewelry. Today, well, I've thrown something on to answer the door (we've ordered pizza - Note Pizza Hut online doesn't recognize our address. This is.....[understatement] a disappointment).

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