Friday, December 08, 2006

Sun December 3
clothes: black jeans, socks (it's cold!), loafers, & 2002 MepaCon tee (front: MepaCon 'bird' & back: “ooh, looks dangerous, you go first!”). I've washed my hair, so it's loose. For jewelry, I went with my rainbow moonstone trimoon pendant, moonstone ring, ~rope band, Celtic knot ring, & fem-power ring (vaguely Willendorf). The sole of left loafer is trying to come off. I may braid my hair later, using my Celtic knot ponytail holder.

I dreamed about gaming, English history & my friends last night. Did you know that yaua yarn is Keoland home region access only. There was something about King Henry & King John (Lackland) of England & how many kids they each had.

Rosemary had a dream about gaming, too. But her dream was funnier than mine. But it's all in-joke so not funny to others.

Books: in the morning, while waiting for others to finish preparing for the day, I've been reading Watchers in the Night by Jenna Black (autographed). It's a vampire romance & very different. The protagonists were very much in love & were going to be married 3 years ago. He disappeared, because he'd been turned into a vampire. I haven't gotten very far but so far I like it.

Tatting: I started the first angel from Mark Myers book of angels. I think I screwed it up. But then, I was gaming at the same time, so my distraction is understandable.
Still no internet connection here, so it will probably be tomorrow before I'm able to upload these notes.

Con: The author ran our mod & it was fun.

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