Monday, December 11, 2006

News! I don't have any. Well, except George Bush finally admitted that things aren't going well in Iraq & that a new strategy is required.

Tatting: I've made a few flowers & one snowflake yesterday. I gave it to Laura today (who didn't show up, so maybe I misunderstood & tomorrow is her last day this semester).

Clothes: black loafers, knee-hi's, black slacks, Harrington Steading ~green/black polo, green amber jewelry, paui shell ring & ponytail.

Books: Did I mention that I read Secret Santa? It's an anthology of Christmas-focussed romance stories. I also made it by Foundation's Edge to pick up my manga. I didn't pick up my entire stack (I still need to do Christmas shopping & eat, after all) but both of my Shonen Beat mags (Nov & Dec), the most recent Hana Kimi, two Threads of Time, Godchild & Genju no Seiza.
Lunch: Ate at K&W cafeteria for lunch. We took one of the co-workers out for her birthday (which was last week but she was out with strep throat).

photo Experiment: note that IMG did not work. Just link & be done with it. Two of Lyn Morton's flowers.

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