Sunday, December 10, 2006

Cookies! Rosemary's been holding the same Christmas party for years. This year, due to the con the 1st weekend of December she just wasn't ready to do that. So Chris & I went over to decorate cookies to send to her grandmother. Diana & Colt arrived early for gaming & helped decorate the last tray or so. We got to eat the extra sugar cookies...yum. I had found some cookies cutters & cookie sprinkles so I took them with us to give to Rosemary as an early present. The candy cane ones didn't want to leave the container.

Gaming was fun. Richard got caught in nasty traffic so we started half an hour late. We ended at about 6 pm. It took a while because of roleplaying & simply futzing. Hey, why do it if you don't have fun doing it, right?

Food supper was lasagna & appetizers from Olive Garden. It was delicious, but once again they had the date wrong & it wasn't ready. Since Rosemary doublechecked the date & day when she placed the order on Thursday, she was more than a little peeved. And the manager with the attitude of 'too bad, so sad,' didn't help. Luckily another manager made up for that. So next time Rosemary hosts such a party, she'll order from them again instead of telling everyone she knows about what a crappy job they did. That's good customer service. If you make a mistake, correct it if possible & if that's not possible, find a way to make the customer happy.

Clothes: yesterday it was jeans & t-shirt with a chambray shirt over it. Of course it was frigging cold (below freezing at 10am) so I also wore jacket, scarf, hat & gloves. Since I haven't done laundry since I came back from Confalon, I had one pair of clean jeans; the light blue pegged leg ones. I paired it with 2003 Attack on Gorna Geoff t-shirt. I'd washed my hair, so I braided it wet. Then I wore my Celtic knot jewelry.

Computer game: I've been playing a real-time game called Virtual Villagers & I reached a stumbling block. So I put it on pause, partially because I knew I wouldn't be spending much time on my laptop. Even though it was paused, apparently about 30 years passed during the past 2 weeks. *sigh* Several villagers died. Enough were born to maintain population & the youngest death was 75 years...but still. Until I figure out how make the builders make another hut, the population is stuck at 90 individuals, anyway. I only have 4 more puzzles to unlock until I can end the game. I know what two of them are...the boulder blocking the cave & the fruitless bush. I just can't seem to figure out how to solve them.

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