Friday, May 25, 2007

birthday: It's my natal anniversary today so my co-workers bought me a card, my favorite soda (Pepsi Jazz strawberries & cream), and Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Since there is no way for me to eat 1.5 dozen (dozen glazed & 1/2 dozen chocolate glazed) doughnuts, I am sharing them with the entire office.

: I'm still tired but I didn't take a nap yesterday. I went to bed at my usual time & I'm still tired this morning.

Writing: I worked on my cyberpunk/urban fantasy romance novel last night. The parts that I have written do have some good scenes & dialog but much of it is disjointed. I sent it to a friend & he gave me some good advice. I spent some time working on what he recommended, and bookmarking the document. That way I can skip straight to a particular portion or to what I'm working on instead of paginating.

TV: I watched an old episode of Kung Fu (the silver mine one) and then VH1 Rock Honors. the cover bands did excellent jobs but I missed most of it since I went to bed on time.

tatting: I tried to do another Libin bracelet but screwed it up. I managed to get the ring undone the first time but the second time the thread started fraying so I gave up & cut the thread.

saying of the day: Fall 7 times, stand up 8. - Japanese proverb

website of the day: time capsule. It has the top songs, headlines, etc although some years in the 1870's are kind of spotty.

clothes: black 'slippers', black knit swirl skirt (which I just noticed has no hem but it light enough that the air caused by going down stairs is enough to make it float), magenta & black check shirt (short sleeves, breast pocket, buttons up), black belt (on the last hole), lilac animal rescue site silicon bracelet, dragon band ring, Celtic knot ring, hematite ring, chain mail earrings & same pendant. My hair is braided for convenience.

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