Monday, May 21, 2007

Weekend: Did some shopping. Found frames for my front page debut. Now I need to make copies for my relatives. I spent too much time & money in Michaels but besides the frames, I found some knick knack presents (round card decks, etc) plus some tins & beads for Tat Days prizes.

After supper on Saturday, we went to Doug's for gaming. We finished up about 11 or so & went home. The next day we got started around 11 but finished up about 3 pm. We made some good choices and managed to skip a large battle. That saved mondo time.

Since we finished so early, I took nap & then we (Chris, Rosemary & I) watched Mr & Mrs Smith on dvd. It was not as funny as I expected but it was still good & had some very good lines.

websites: funny posters

books: Re-read Rest You Merry by Charlotte MacLeod. I also read Vol 3 of Inu Yasha.

clothes: Sunday, blue jeans, T-shirt (Brenin is the Land) & the rest the same as Saturday. Today it's black jeans/slacks & belt, 'ballet slippers', white knit shirt, hematite ring, fem-power ring, Celtic knot ring, ~rope band, silver bracelet & flower fairy pendant. Hair is up in a ponytail/bun.

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