Monday, May 07, 2007

Keys! I've misplaced my keys. I had them when we left for gaming yesterday but I haven't seen them since. That makes getting home this evening very interesting.

Birthday supper: It was great. There were enough of us (9) that we rarely had the same conversation at the same time but the food was good & so was the company. Everyone liked their presents but I snuck Joe's to him & he didn't see it at first.

books: I finished Goblin Quest. Alas, Bull's Head does not have Goblin Hero.

clothes: fuschi pink silk shirt (that has bleached spots, so I need to bleach/tie dye it), black jeans, black belt, black socks & loafers, same jewelry as yesterday & braided hair. It's too windy to let my hair be loose in any way, today. And it's gotten cold again.

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