Saturday, May 19, 2007

Teeth: They still hurt. But there's an added complication. I have a mouth ulcer on the inside of the cheek on that side, up near the gums. Like I needed more pain.

knitting: I made & remade that scrunchy. I think I finally have it like I want it. It still doesn't ring like I wanted but it looks pretty good. It's silver elastic cord, bells & beads.

: Watched episode of The Wild Wild West on DVD, a re-run of Bones & finally, Jack the Giant Killer.

Downloaded a couple demo games onto the laptop & played them. When I have some spare money I might buy them. They were fun.

books: I finished Married the Viscount. Plus I'm reading Bitter Fruit, an LG mod.

clothes: Song of Three Summonings (Geoff) t-shirt, blue jeans, white tennis shoes, Celtic knot jewelry, ponytail (w/ the new scrunchy).