Friday, May 04, 2007

Gaming: Nate wasn't at the game either, last night. So only the women were playing. We started with a girls' night out. Totem, my character, is not old enough to drink in the US. But she's from an ancient Egyptian culture, in which beer (I keep typo'ing that as 'bear'; I did that last night while typing the notes), is practically a sacrament. She won't get a fake id, that's illegal but Lady Celtic was tired of drinking canoe beer. Instead, they went back to Totem's home where they had Egyptian beer for her & Lady Celtic had picked up some Killians for herself & Troll.

They ended up getting a call to go help Dr. Atom at The Nucleus. That's the top 5 floors of the Goodman building where he is the house AI, from the digitized personality of the late Dr. Atom. His grandkids, the Atoms, were busy in another dimension so the ladies of Freedom League had to go find out who was attacking & stop them. It was Lady Lunar, convinced that there was an Earth plot to replace the leaders of Farside City (located oddly enough..on the far side of the moon). She was attacking The Nucleus because Dr. Atom's data banks would have the information about it. They (the female Freedom Leaguers) thought that there might be a connection to the duplication situation that they fought in South America but Lady Lunar said that it wasn't, the ones in Farside were a different kind of duplicates. [and yes, when she said Farside City, we all got flashes of a city populated by cows with funky glasses].

We took out most of her guards, the 6 in power armor, the 12 in body armor with guns & 1 of the 6 crater apes. At that point, she decided to get the heck out of dodge. Totem got a couple of hero points. One was for the terrain, she's decidedly non-tech (drawback - unfamiliarity with modern tech) in a high tech building. The other was for failing the save versus Lady Lunar's confusion blast. I used one to try & make the save a couple rounds later. It might have worked if I had rolled higher than a 2! That still left me 5 points shy of making the save.

However, I finally saved up enough character points to move Totem's jump ability out of her magic pool and into its own separate power (so I won't have to choose between movement & healing). I'm substituting paralyze attack, channeling Cobra, so I won't have to play numbers games & re-arrange my powers. I brought the book to work & read up on the stuff that I need on the way to work. At lunch I'll work on a new character sheet, complete with notes on what the powers do.

David C stopped by David R's. He had to get something uploaded to someone else for work but the work network connection was down. And he had a problem at home, too, so he came to use David R's internet connection. It took him an hour or two and a few phone calls but finally everything was working and he was done. He was profoundly relieved.

music: on the way home, we plugged my iPod into Diana's car stereo & listened to my music on the way home. I had it on the sing-along playlist. We started with 'Bedlam,' she'd never heard it, and then it was shuffle. Out of the other 9 songs, 4 were by The Donnas. Out of 143 songs on that list, there are about a half-dozen by the Donnas, but 4 of them played in the 1st 10 songs. One note about that song, it's provided the title to Mercedes Lackey's Bedlam's Bard series.

books: I finished Marriage by Design last night. For some reason, I ended up staying up to finish it. That means that I've had about 6 hours of sleep, again. And then about 5 I was dreaming that the alarm clock wasn't waking me up so I woke enough to figure out wasn't on yet!

tatting: I'm still working on that silk Lyn Morton flower. Since I somehow lost a couple picots from the center ring, it's going to be a 5-petal flower instead of 6. I also remembered what I want to do with the perle cotton, I'm making a Nina Libin bracelet. It won't be as firm as hers are because I'm not using metallic thread. Hopefully, that won't be a problem. We (by that I mean I) will find out, I guess.

clothes: With the cold front that came in yesterday & left me chilled, I've dressed a bit warmer today; in gray suede boots, black jeans, purple long-sleeved shirt (iridescent cotton, purple & blue-ish), black belt, Celtic knot ring, hematite ring, Celtic knot star, moon & tree pendant, & chainmail earrings.

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