Tuesday, May 08, 2007

silk blouse: Since yesterday's blouse had, for lack of a better term, bleach spots, I decided to make use of them. I tried a tie-bleach job on it. I tied knots in the sleeves & the blouse and dipped it in bleach/water solution. It certainly bled a lot. Now I'm waiting for it to dry & see what happened.

sign of the times: The other day, as I was waiting in line at the Super Target, I noted what they had in the impulse rack. I remember when they had candy, magazines & little dollar books in the impulse rack & that was it. Now you can see: a 32MB flash drive, 257 MB SD card, an iTunes card, phone cards, purell (hand cleaner), and floor care in addition to the candy, gum & magazines.

website of the day: Okay, this information is a year old but it should still outrage people.

Gaming: I hate D&D evangelists. The save DC is based on their perform check & they only need one round to do it. As a result, Kelis (my character) & Deriot (Diana's character) have converted to the worship of the Devourer of Souls. That leaves a badly wounded Gaius & Thorvald plus the real Vertum, who's chained up, to fight us & the 3 bad guys. We finished fighting the undead last night, finally. I couldn't make a save to well, save my character (rolled a 5 & then a 3). But Gaius can use one of Kelis's pearls of power to recall his Resurgence spell & give her another chance. He bluffed that he was healing her but it didn't do much (just the healthful rest boosted lesser vigor that he cast earlier).

Health: When I tried to give blood the other day my blood pressure was 107/74 and my temprature was 97.5F. I should check as to whether those are in the healthy ranges.

Books: I'm going through the Magic Item Compendium to see what stuff looks good for various characters (like a couple whips for Nadia & some anti-undead stuff for Edana & Reed).

I won some books from the Bulls Head yesterday. They had 57 bags of ARCs and the 1st 57 people to respond to the email got a small bag of them; about 5-8 books.

We got news of Kelly last night. She & little Emmit are fine. I sent the bear I bought for Emmit home with Joe since he's more likely to see them before the child is a toddler than I am.

clothes: black socks, loafers, jeans & belt, gold tone belt buckle; my silver ladybug clip watch, white tuxedo shirt (lots of vertical pin tucks), quasi-patchwork vest in black, tan & cream, onyx pendant & earrings, hematite ring, hash mark ring & circle ring. My hair is braided today as it's another windy day.

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