Thursday, May 03, 2007

Virtual Villagers: the Lost Children - It's a computer game. It's in real time so if I'm going to be away from my laptop for awhile I pause the game. I forgot to do that once & 2/3 of my villagers starved. I had to start over, I just didn't have enough people to keep going (read no fertile females). I've gotten to all of the stage 2 tech benchmarks & to stage 3 (last one) of Medicine. I think I'll skip right to stage 3 of Farming. That's the only way to reliably & consistently provide food for my villagers.

I've also unlocked puzzles 1-5, 12 & 16. That's not quite half of them. One of them will be unlocked when I hit stage 3 Farming tech. I've gotten the population up to 22 (no deaths so far but a couple of the villagers are bordering on elderly now). I've collected a sample of each of the 12 rocks, 11 of the butterflies, 11 of the seashells & 9 of the beetles. For puzzle 3 I had to look at a help site. I just could not seem to figure out what the problem was.

TV: we watched Bones, Criminal Minds & CSI: NY last night. Bones, episode: Spaceman in a Crater, had aliens (sort of) which CSI is supposed to have tonight (Leapin' Lizards). Criminal Minds (Open Season) had arrows (which CSI had last week- Ending Happy) and CSI: NY (Cold Reveal) had a crossover with Cold Case. One of the detectives came to NY from Philadelphia following up on a case.

books: I started Paid Companion on the way to work & I finished it as I got home. Partially, I was able to do that because it's a re-read & I skipped certain portions. I also sort of re-read Mad Jack. That has been by bedtime book the past couple nights. Now I'm re-reading Marriage By Design. That reminds me, I need to check to see if that author, Lynn Michaels, has written any other books with those characters.

Gaming: tonight it's Mutants & Masterminds again. Chris won't be there, he's working late again. Diana will be giving me a ride, so that's helpful.

Gift-giving: Found a cool site; It's all about lists. I have composed a wishlist (for upcoming gift occasions), a list of tatting books & a list of gaming sites.

clothes: It's supposed to be cooler today, so I broke out the black poly blouse I was going to wear over the dress earlier this week. It's paired with black jeans, socks & loafers, so I'm very monochromatic. Even my jewelry is, mostly, black & silver; silver ladybug clip watch, hematite ring, onyx earrings, labradorite pendant & bloodstone ring (that's the exception & it's still dark).

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