Monday, May 28, 2007

time with Mom: we went to Big Lots! and did not find an answering machine but did find some electronics very cheap. I picked up a usb hub, new earphones for my iPod plus speakers & other accessories for it.

We finally found an answering machine at Radio Shack. Mom got one for herself & one for me. I set up hers before I left. She loved her belated Christmas present: 4 Last of the Summer Wine DVDs & her Mother's Day present: a DVD player. I set up the tv that I gave her a couple years ago and the DVD player and put the plugs, on a strip, where she can reach them. We also labeled the plugs & the remotes. Too bad her tv reception sucks so badly.

By the time I got home, I was exhausted and my legs ached tremendously. I'm not completely certain why. I did spend a lot of time on my feet, between shopping & trying on clothes.

platelet donation: Now I'm off to drink something with calcium & have a bit to eat before going to the Red Cross to donate.

books: re-read The Devil in Winter. Read a little in The Complete Book of Tatting.

tv: watched the movie 12:01

tatting: continued a bookmark, a very simple one, in size 80 ecru. Did not get much done, too busy shopping, etc.

clothes: yesterday it was Palmetto Tat Days shirt, blue jeans & loafers, braided hair, & Celtic knot jewelry.

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