Saturday, May 05, 2007

Dead Tennis Shoes: Well, my old pair of black tennies are dead. I long ago wore through a spot on the heels but it wasn't until today that it started hurting. Say good-bye to that pair. I need to mail them to Nike for recycling.

Chris took his car into get the oil changed. Then we went to use Chris's 10 year gift certs. We went to Barnes & Noble, where Chris bought more books than I did for once; FYE, where I saw a digital camera on sale for $10; Target, where I spent too much on cloths; & Best Buy, where I bought Mom's present for Mother's Day.

I bought only two books while Chris updated his Dresden Files collection, ditto Star Wars. I also
made a list of books to get after my birthday. Chris found almost a half-dozen cd's at FYE & vol 2 & 3 of Voltron (he had found Vol 1 at Best Buy).

One of Target's line of clothes has gone overboard on their flattery sizing. I had to go down to size 10 before it would fit. Since another line, with an elastic waist, fit just fine in large, you can see why I blame flattery sizing.

books: I re-read Owlknight, mostly. Next I want to start one of the books I bought today.

tatting: I've made the first petal or two of the burgundy silk flower & I've started on the Libin bracelet. It's orange beads with cream thread; which makes the beads look amber-colored instead. Too bad I've run out of thread on that shuttle, so I'll have to do a join.

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