Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dentist: Well, the visit went fairly well. I hurt like the dickens but I survived. However, the next visit will be an afternoon appointment so I can go home and rest. Going to work after the appointment was not my brightest idea ever. I did get work done, I just don't know how well.

I am getting by on only half a pain pill this morning; so that's a good thing. I also haven't tried to eat anything harder than a soft oatmeal cookie. Yesterday's (3pm) lunch was a smoothie. Luckily, I bought some powder for nutrition shakes recently & I had some of that, too. Supper last night was soup. I really wasn't up to cooking, after all. Chris ate leftovers.

Chris found some great organic chocolate milk. It's from Promised Land Dairy. Absolutely yum.

website: list & short descriptions of lots of Regency romance novels

Work stuff: today I interview new assistants. By preference, I'd like someone who will be here longer but we'll see who we have & who looks the best in person. So far, all three applicants look good on paper.

Books: Read Your Wicked Ways at the dentist, continued on my commute in & home, & finished once I got home. I sort of re-read part of Married to the Viscount before going to sleep. I read a little bit more this morning before learning just how late I was running.

tatting: I did this in the dentist chair. It's very fine silk thread. I have loads of it, so even though it's so fine, I didn't mind wasting some by using it to calm my nerves. I got a tangled mess & I learned not to use the fine silk thread in the Justrite shuttle. The thread kept breaking until I
switched to the Boye. (thanks to Jen for the pictures of the shuttles that you have posted).

These flowers/tangled knot were actually done while the dentist was working. It was more important to work on them than to actually get them done.

best pieces (notice that tail rings didn't fully close on the butterfly)

: when I got home last night I didn't have the mental facility to tat or even start a new book. So I pulled out my spool knitter and some silver elastic. I threaded some beads & silver bells on the elastic & made what I though was going to be a bracelet. It works better as a scrunchy. Unfortunately, I did not put the bells close enough together for them to work. At some point soon, I will take it apart & do it again, right this time.

clothes: Today it's the 'ballet' shoes, black slacks & white crinkle gauze shirt trimmed with crochet style lace (band insert at the waist, neck placket, cuffs & insert at elbows), Celtic knot earrings, ring & pendant, flower band & hematite ring. My hair is up in a ponytail/knot affixed with a hairstick decorated with 2 black beads & a dangling silver sphere charm.

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