Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Games & stuff: I had Virtual Villagers running while I was burning my CDs into my iTunes. I now have all the tech bought up, and a population of 57. There are still 3 rare items to find, 1 butterfly & 2 beetles. I haven't experimented with all the possible recipes yet and there are still at least 4 puzzles to solve, although one is 65% done (the covered floor).

Music: I only have one cd left to burn onto my harddrive & I listened to at least 3 last night, to rate them. I need to burn some of the songs that I've downloaded onto a cd in case something happens to my hard drive.

I wrapped Mom's belated Christmas present, using a wrapsack. Unfortunately, I don't have one big enough for her Mother's Day present. I think I'll use a map for that one.

clothes: same black loafers, black socks, black slacks, same black belt (& watch), green Harrington Steading polo, moss agate bead bracelet, bloodstone ring, green amber ring, hematite ring, emerald necklace & earrings.

Just added: Etsy favorites

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