Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mailed stuff: For some reason, the red cross sent me a yo-yo type thing. I can't explain it. But I have scheduled another platelet donation on the 28th.

I have fingernails still. I'm thinking about painting them, if I can find one that hasn't been tested on animals.

tatting: only made a silk butterfly from the thread left on the shuttle after the flower. May try to make another one.

book: Finished re-reading Seeress of Kell.

tv: Nothing on until after 11, so we watched Wild, Wild West on DVD. We saw an episode that guest-starred Richard Pryor & the on after it had Sammy Davis, Jr. Who knew?

clothes: white polo (crochet edging), black skirt (crinkle-gauze, knee length, my other new skirt, the one that claims to be size 10), black 'ballet' shoes, onyx pendant & earrings, braided silver ring & flower band ring & hematite ring.

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