Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Mom: I called Mom last night. I'll be going to see her on Mother's Day. I need to wrap her Christmas present (that finally arrived after Christmas) & go get her Mother's Day present. I think I will go do that tonight.

AOL: I still haven't been able to contact anyone in AOL about that bill that I received. Since I don't have AOL service, I find it quite worrying. Their customer support line is an absolute joke. There is no way to talk to a real live person. It's all voice mail. Frankly, that alone would keep me from ever considering, much less recommending AOL. In fact, I would strongly recommend against it for that reason alone.

books: I finished reading Glossed & Found on the way home. I finished re-reading Truly, Madly Viking last night before going to sleep.

tatting: I need some really good light to figure out what's going on with that silk. Burgundy is pretty but it's hard to see. I went ahead & wound some cream perle into a ball, from a hank, for my next project. Of course, now I've forgotten what that is. *sigh*

I've started a tatting only blog on Friendster. For that I will post progress reports & pictures of projects. I'm aiming for a weekly update schedule. We'll have to see how well that works.

clothes: It's going to be hot today so I was going to wear the dress that I bought last fall. It's sleeveless so I had a short-sleeved shirt to wear over it. However, it doesn't look very good on me. One of those 'looks better on the hanger'...or on someone else. So I changed to my ankle-length forest green skirt, black rib-knit sweater (short-sleeved), black knee-highs, black sequined flats, bloodstone ring, hematite ring, moss agate bead bracelet, onyx pendant, & chainmail ~chandelier earrings. My hair is loose because I didn't have enough time to do anythimg else to it.

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