Friday, October 24, 2003

I am feeling very brain dead.

I had great fun at the fair yesterday but I am very tired today. I was on the fairground by 8:40 am (it would have been earlier but I turned the wrong way to reach parking). I left about 10 pm. I would have been home by 10:40 but they had closed I40 westbound down to the shoulder 2 miles before my exit. Wheee! 12 minutes to drive 2 miles.

I spent lots of money. I bought food like hot dogs, honey cotton candy, maple cotton candy, fudge, deep-fried oreos (not so great), sodas to drink; presents for friends & co-workers; and some stuff for myself, like lip balm, beeswax & a plush bush baby. Although I may give the wax & the bushbaby to someone as a present.

I saw the pajamas that beat my booties for 1st place. The volunteer had to look for it. It is in a different cabinet (with the stuff on hangers). It is nice looking & very well-made, from what I could see.

I ran into people I know, like Mitzi & Stephanie. We sat & talked for awhile. Saw one of the guys who'd been working on this construction next to my office. I showed him & his wife the booties that I had made & made a tatted flower for her, to demonstrate tatting. My friend, Bill E. was working at the vegetables/fruit competition table of course. He was parked in front of the 1st place watermelon. I heard his spiel so many times I could repeat it word for word. Of course, I stopped & talked to a lot of people in the Village.

I took my time through the exhibition buildings. I saw the NC Wildlife's exhibit and the Agriculture tent and the Science tent (a lot of people from NC State). One little girl, a 9-year-old, demonstrated her Berry Banana smoothy, a way to get more fruit in one's diet & why that's a good thing. She gave out samples & the recipe. I'd like to try it with something substituted for the maraschino cherries.

I won a teddy bear & a butterfly from the Guessers. One of them did get my weight right, though that scale had better be wrong. One of them was close enough on my age. They all guessed that I'm in my 30's though. I need to wear a t-shirt & not a close-fitting turtleneck next time.

I did a couple errands on the Midway for people in the Village. Well, Beth's plumeria was in the Exhibit hall but Anne's flashing thingy was on the Midway. She wanted it for her magic wand. It's very, um, appropriate. She does a lovely, um Glenda the Good witch style fairy godmother thing. It's hard to describe unless you've seen her do it.

I missed the folk music (no watch), the blacksmith shop, NC State's milk/ice cream/shake & the Garden entries.

This morning is really cold. There was a light frost on my car. I wore a sweater & a jacket & I was still cold. I am still cold, even with a sweater over my blouse.

I listened saw Pink's new single Trouble. I like it. Here's a link to it
Click to launch player & then click on the video tab
The only problem is that the video is very good so it distracts me from the song. So I'm listening to the audio to catch all the words instead of most of them.

Okay it's noon. Where's Ashley? I want my lunch.

Missed the meeting on Employee Excellence Wednesday, between Ashely not showing up until 3:50 (meeting supposed to end at 4pm) & Mike remembering our meeting at 3:40, there was no way I could get away. I admit to being disappointed. But Mike & I did hammer out what to do about the new closet & some ideas about re-arranging the hall. Plus I talked to Ashley about what I wanted her to work on while I was out yesterday.

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