Friday, October 10, 2003

*insert expletive of choice* I tried to buy my SO's b'day present yesterday. Steve told me that he saw Xboxes on sale for $99 at Wally world. Not at the one off Chapel Hill/Durham Blvd. They didn't even have any in the store. So I went to Best Buy across the parking lot. They don't accept starter checks. *insert range of expletives*

I let my fingers do the walking when I got home. At least one Wally world (aka Wal-mart) has Xboxes in stock, the one in Garner. But they're $179. I think I'll go to Southpoint tonight & talk to the guys at the computer game store. They claim to sell re-furbished ones for $149. I need to see what exactly is the difference. Regardless, I'll pick up the game there (& go to a dollar store to buy some wrapping paper) before going to PNO tonight.

John will not be going with me. He called last night. He's buying Chris's present tonight (a copy of the Sleeping Beauty DVD). I also talked to Kathy, Richard's wife, they are buying Chris a copy of Halo. Richard has it for PC & he's addicted. Hmmm, I should recommend that he also buy a 2nd controller. Then he & Chris can play the game together. You know, just a suggestion.

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