Monday, October 06, 2003

okay the books that I bought: A Gentleman's Honor by Laurens, To Sir Phillip, with Love by Quinn, More than Honor anthology edited by Weber, Light & Shadow by Krentz & Blood Trail by Huff. All of them are paperback.

Today I bought Paladin of Souls by Bujold & First Rider's Call by Britain. Both of them are in hardback, spent more than I should but at least I had a discount. I still want Monstrous Regiment by Pratchett.

It's been a busy day. Found out this morning that Facilities was coming to change the nook to an office & a closet today..not the 26th. So we had to clear out the boxes, the desk & assorted equipment today so that they could start work tomorrow. It's done. It took a lot of time & other people but it's done. Most of the stuff has now been stored in a few different offices until we locate permanent 'residences' for it all.

I've listened to my Worlds of Music cd's today. Definitely a wide range of music, from Zuni lullaby to African to East European to Cash's Folsom Prison Blues.

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