Thursday, October 02, 2003

Lunch was pretty good (leftover oven fried chicken, corn & mixed veggies) but I'm still hungry. Wonder if low blood sugar is contributing to my headache (which I still have btw).

Read Mom's letter. She totally misunderstood a question I asked. She also threatened my health if I buy jeans that cost $55-$75. My health is safe, I'm reluctant to pay $20 for jeans. Color me 'I'd rather buy books', not cheap.

If I'm spending that much on clothes it will 1) involve leather, 2) involve gussets or lacing, 3) made of silk or 4) all of the above. I like old-fashioned clothes, like 200 years out of fashion. Though I admit that I don't care for panniers & I'm too inhibited to wear Regency fashions, in public at least.

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