Thursday, October 16, 2003

My but paint fumes are certainly pungent. I have the office door opens & that helps, but it still is trying to give me a headache. There was a right nip to the air this morning. Even the light jacket wasn't quite enough. I declined to get a heavier jacket because I suspect that the light jacket will be more than I need this afternoon.

I finished Ashes of Victory last night, although I skimmed quite a bit. Now I've started March Upcountry by Weber & Ringo. Next I'll read March to the Sea. I'm ordering March to the Stars from the Bullshead Bookshop. I'll hopefully get it in time for the staff & faculty sale on Wednesday.

No storage trip today. Linda will be going without me next week (I have the day off & I'm going to the Fair). Then sometime the week after that we'll be taking the last year's boxes out there. Have I mentioned 'whee' yet?

I did in fact look for my clothes last night, the ones that I'll need to wear this weekend. I found the skirt (not hard, I wear that one a lot). I found my back-up shirt, and a possible last ditch blouse. I did not find my bodice (it's too short but it's better than nothing) or my other 2 blouses. I put the last load of clothes in the dryer, so that's only 3 tasks I did not work on last night. I do have an excuse. I still was not feeling 100%.

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