Friday, October 03, 2003

I did a very scary thing at lunch. I opened a new checking account. At a brand new bank. I have to close my old one anyway...long story. At since I haven't been truly happy with them since they screwed up some stuff (long time ago) I'm taking this opportunity to jump ship, so to speak.

And despite being mightily tempted, I did not buy anything at the half-price book sale today. Part of it was lack of time. It's a good 10 minute walk to my new bank and I wasn't certain how much time it would take to set up an account. It took less time than I thought but I had to wait a little, there was a line. Gee, lunchtime on a payday...& there's a line at the bank. Wonder if there's a connection (insert wry grin)

I love these thigh-high boots but they aren't made for striding/trekking across campus. I need either new insoles or thicker socks if I'm going to do that again.

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